Studio no. 108, IHDP Business Park, Plot no. 7, Sector 127, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

About Us

Who We Are

We are no-one, just a few nobody’s who thought that the market needs another Venture Capital. Just a twist, we ain’t funding the to be Unicorn’s, instead We are searching for the Startup’s that envision to be Unicorn’s & Dragon’s. 

Extend Beyond Your Limitations

In the beginning, there is an idea, one that has the potential to change the universe. One that has a drive that can warp time and space. Your toil for it is uncharted. The line between primary, secondary and tertiary life fades away and all that remains is that one singular idea. You challenge your internal revolution and emerge out of the depths every single day, in and out. It is the idea that pushes you into believing what you do and being in utter disbelief of what does not please you. It pushes you into heights, often looking into the face of the abyss.

To undo the face of the abyss and to make you look up and above the skies, time and again one must need an incentive. An idea that what happens must happen with collaboration, collective effort and clear consciousness. A hand that holds yours whenever however it may twist but would not let break.

We are not just a Venture Capital we are your new business family, We are not interested in streamlined businesses or too sorted founder’s, we want people who are curious and furious, they are someone who don’t see the stars but are imagining what the 9th Moon of Jupiter can do. 

You imagine and Build, WE FUND…!!!

Approach Us

Honk the horns at us any chance you get. Any single communication link that can get you beyond the clutter and crust gets you involved with us directly. It could be anyone ranging from our CEOs to executives, the circle of investors or any single entity that our range of work extends as far as. If your vision is bright and the light you deserve must shine in our eyes no matter what time of the day, it indeed shall. We are paying keen attention to what you want us to do. So blow the trumpet, pull the chain and let us hop on in the meantime. Once a clear link is established between us and our communication channels are decluttered and clean, we can of course create a system of pedagogy that helps you understand our partnership better.

You want a follow up round funding commitment, won’t happen until the founder’s call us at least once with a crisis in the middle of night.