Studio no. 108, IHDP Business Park, Plot no. 7, Sector 127, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301



Ritin Agarwal

To ask what a man could do? Henceforth we answer, what could he not? Could he not indulge in passions that define a being and yet keep him as human as it may seem? Could he not ask his palette to be challenged to newer dimensions of what one understands consumption to be? Could he not own the livelihoods he generates and expands his higher self into this mere temporal plane? Could he not be a keeper of the ledger and balancer of the books? Could he indeed touch, feel and transform himself into a portrait of an artist when it might be his solitude? Ritin is indeed all of this and much more. He is multi-faceted, cerebral and indulgent. A man of the passions of food, art and a successful proprietor of multiple enterprises. A Chartered Accountant en route and a traveller of all that means to be a better human being. A man whose inter-dimensionality is as purposeful as his ambitions. Simply put, a man of grit and determination.